Thursday Mar 12, 2015

Game Techniques in Marketing

Start Date:2015-03-12
End Date:2015-03-12

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Games, Fun & Excitement for Entrepreneurial Competitive Edge

Presented by Mr. Sharon Gal Or
Author & Social Entrepreneur

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Game Techniques in  Marketing
Games, Fun & Excitement for Entrepreneurial Competitive Edge

Presented by Mr. Sharon Gal Or
Author & Social Entrepreneur


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Thursday Mar. 12, 2015 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm (at LEVELS)


Games as a Marketing Tool – Games, Fun & Excitement for Entrepreneurial Competitive Edge
Mr. Sharon Gal Or, Author & Entrepreneur

Many business owners tend to believe that prestige and branding do not mix well with games and fun in marketing plans.  Or they may believe that “games and fun” marketing campaigns are difficult to create and/or implement.  Sharon believes that more businesses should promote their products and services by using non-traditional marketing methods involving games, fun and excitement.  By educating and entertaining customers via games and fun, businesses can create lasting value for their customers and gain higher levels of product awareness for their companies and products.  Sharon will share with us his passion for life and entrepreneurship which is fueled by inventing, developing and producing toys, games and “fun”.  In his talk, he will explain the secret to success by using games and fun.  He will share his know-how based on actual experience of the “Happy Banana Smile” campaign he is currently running so that any business owner can design and implement an online-offline program to profit from a “games and fun” type of marketing campaign.

In his presentation Sharon will also answer and elaborate on these questions: 

  • What are the most common game techniques?
  • How do you design a game marketing campaign?
  • Why is it important to use “gamification” in a marketing program?
  • How do you design a game that offers value to customers and is also unique to your company        

Sharon’s presentation will also involve a mini “Treasure Hunt” game, and the winners will win copies of Sharon’s fantasy book “G – The Journey to Ludoland” by Galorian (pseud.)

After Sharons presentation, the session will continue in an interactive Q & A format where members and guests are encouraged to discuss relevant issues.

Agenda (approx.):
6:30 to 7:10 cocktails and networking
7:10 General TEN announcements
7:15 Presentation by our speaker
7:50 to 8:15 Q&A session
8:15 to 9:00 Networking

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2/F., On Hing Building
No. 1, On Hing Terrace
Central District, HK [Enter from Wyndham Street]
Tel: 2850-6826

Levels Happy Hour "2 for 1" drinks policy will be in effect from 6:30 to 9:00



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About our speaker:

Sharon Gal Or
Author & Social Entrepreneur

Sharon Gal Or is an English author (Pseudo name: Galorian), speaker, and international advisor on creative education to government, non-profits, education, and arts bodies.  Mr. Gal Or is also the Founder and CEO – idea sign Ltd., engaged in the production of innovative design and multimedia 創辦人 (玩具業專業顧問)

The children of today are the future of tomorrow; taking this powerful statement to their heart, Galorian and his G team have chosen to lead responsibility, creativity and higher values and to mold and shape our children in order to create the best possible future for everyone.


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