Thursday Jan 10, 2013

Turning a Social Life into a Thriving International Business

Start Date:2013-01-10
End Date:2013-01-10

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Presented by Mr. Sam Lau, Managing Director, Total Loyalty Company

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Turning a Social Life into a Thriving International Business

Presented by Mr. Sam Lau, Managing Director, Total Loyalty Company

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Thursday, January 10, 2013 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm


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Turning a Social Life into a Thriving International Business
Presented by Mr. Sam Lau, Managing Director, Total Loyalty Company

It is the dream of many aspiring entrepreneurs:  Turn your hobby, or even better, your social life, into a business!  Sam Lau did exactly that. He identified a business opportunity while working for Shell Australia in the 1990s.  Specifically, he saw a need to help companies run their staff social clubs that could be developed into a business.

What started as an interesting idea in 1995 is now an established industry in Australia.  Sam’s business looks after more than 1.1 million members, with programs also in New Zealand, India and The Philippines.  Born in Hong Kong, Sam recently moved back to Hong Kong to set up a regional hub and to introduce this concept to Hong Kong businesses.  He has already found success with local clients such as Prudential, Deacons, Morgan Stanley, and HSBC.

Sam will share experiences from his journey from just a great idea to dealing with the diverse cultural differences on a global platform, especially when it comes to social interaction. He will also share his rollercoaster ride with issues like dealing with business partners, an attempt at listing on the ASX, dodgy investors and the euphoria of doing something nobody has attempted before.

We highly encourage all TEN members and guests who have ambitions to grow their businesses internationally to attend this important event.

After the presentation, the session will continue in an interactive Q & A format where members and guests are encouraged to discuss relevant issues with our guest speakers.

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1/F, No. 79 Wyndham Street,
Central District, Hong Kong
Tel: 2868 2892
Happy hour will be in effect from 6:30 to 8:30.



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About our speaker:

Mr. Sam Lau,
Managing Director, Total Loyalty Company

Sam is an entrepreneur who co-founded the first "staff club" outsourcing concept in Australia in 1995, developing it into the leading employee benefit provider in Australia.  He is currently Managing Director of Total Loyalty Company, based in Hong Kong.  The company develops employee and customer loyalty solutions for large and small companies.  The company also provides employee benefit solutions, helps to run regular social events, and sources practical lifestyle benefits for the client companies’ employees as an added "non-monetary" employment package.  The use of lifestyle benefits is a new approach for companies to achieve a better work/life balance culture, and enjoy higher staff engagement - all helping to retain staff, reducing staff turnover.

Sam Lau is also Director and major shareholder of My Rewards International Ltd., an Australian public company which provides benefit programs to about 1 million Australians.  My Rewards provides a package of lifestyle benefits to enhance any membership program - whether it is a staff club, trade union, business association, customer club or sporting club

Originally from Hong Kong, Sam has a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.


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